[23-24 New model] Seeking further evolution!“ANYTHING LYT” / “EVERYTHING LYT” that controls the park from the beginning 

The "ANYTHING LYT" is a unisex board, and the "EVERYTHING LYT" is a women's board. The "AUTO PIROT" board is recommended for riders looking for trick riding, from ground tricks to parks.The hexagonal core used in the nose and tail creates an exceptionally lightweight feel, making trick riding as well as turn tricks easier and broadening the range of snowboarding.

In particular, the girl's board "EVERYTHING LYT" has pink soles and stylish graphics that are popular with girls.



DCT 2.0Structure A flat section is installed between two cambers = double camber.This flat effect makes the board easier to twist.In addition, the heel side edge is longer than the toe side, and the shoe has an asymmetrical shape.Brings stability to the difficult heel side.

Head's hybrid camber board also features flexible torsion.It is highly maneuverable even when moving slowly, allowing you to enjoy riding that brings out your sense of fun, such as ground tricks.Additionally, the flat central section combined with the camber under the binding provides maneuverability and stability at high speeds, making it well suited for hard park riding.

The hexagonal core placed on the nose and tail creates an extremely lightweight feel, making tricks and turns easy and even girls who aren't confident in their leg strength able to maneuver easily.Furthermore, head's unique shape, DCT2.0, has an asymmetrical design on the toe side and heel side, bringing out flexible flex and torsion.The long heel edge and shallow side curves support stability, making difficult heel-side turns and tricks easier.

This hybrid camber board is recommended for stepping up from basic riding to board tricks.The possibilities with snowboarding are endless!This is a must-have book for anyone who wants to master the basics and take on the challenge of the next stage! !