[23-24 NEW MODEL] Updated this season!! Boots that make snowboarding easier "SCOUT LYT BOA COILER" and "GALORE LYT BOA COILER"

Make snowboarding easier! !"SCOUT LYT BOA COILER" and "GALORE LYT BOA COILER", which have a reputation for comfort and lightness,Cuff cutAdded structure, updated and new release.Equipped with functions to easily enjoy snowboarding, it takes riding to the next level.The free movement and sense of stability will fully support your control while gliding!



● CUFF CUT CONSTRUCTION Cuff cut structure: The joint provided in the ankle part prevents smooth leg bending and boot twisting.Smooth movement around the ankle can be easily done while maintaining a good fit on the ankle. PERFECT FIT The inner part of the head has a structure that provides a high level of fit even in the initial state, but if you use a special oven, it can be heat molded to perfectly match the shape of your foot.
 BOA COILER The BOA®︎ COILER, which has a function that automatically winds up excess cable, makes it even easier to tighten your boots and allows you to easily adjust the hold for a comfortable fit. ● LISTEN TECH We have achieved weight reduction by using extremely light materials while maintaining the same performance and design.Provides long-lasting comfort.
⚫︎ "Comfort Cuff" The outer is designed to be high on the outside and low on the inside, and when the ankle and knee are bent, the weight naturally gathers in the center of the board.It is easy to return to the original position even when you lose your balance, and it supports recovery to the maximum, making it a great feature for beginners and intermediate skiers.
"SCOUT LYT BOA COILER" and "GALORE LYT BOA COILER" are newlyCuff cutAdopting a structure, it has been upgraded this season, and smooth ankle movement is realized.In addition, the inner that fits perfectly from the moment you put it on provides comfort and can be customized with heat molding.In addition, the BOA COILER function of the BOA®︎ Fit System makes it possible to easily adjust the comfortable hold while realizing a quick lace-up, achieving both smooth ankle movement and a high fit. .Although it is lightweight, it has a sole with good grip and excellent performance in braking performance.The flexible flex and forward-leaning shape facilitates power transfer to the board and allows the knee to bend naturally, which is essential for snowboarding movement. "SCOUT LYT BOA COILER" and "GALORE LYT BOA COILER" are boots recommended for beginners and intermediate riders who want to move in style and ski powder comfortably. These boots are recommended for riders who want to improve their skills, try new tricks, or challenge their original style.