[23-24 continuation model] Board for traveling in the great outdoors "VOY SPLITBOARD SET (INCL.SKINS)"

A split board located in head's CRUISER LINE released last year "VOY SPLITBOARD SET (INCL.SKINS)".

Backcountry where you can jump off the slopes and enjoy nature.Its splendor and beauty fascinate experienced riders, and riders who are possessed by its charm continue to challenge the mountain over and over again. Head splitboards make everything that happens in epic mountains an epic experience.

VOY SPLITBOARD SET (INCL.SKINS) is indispensable for passionate riders who challenge the snowshoe hike scene.This splitboard reduces the burden of hiking up and makes hiking time more comfortable.Furthermore, it brings an overall speedup and expands the possibilities of the backcountry.Its effective design and performance speeds up movement in mountainous terrain and saves energy.This allows riders to spend more time skating in beautiful powder.

"VOY SPLITBOARD SET (INCL.SKINS)" (Voi splitboard set)

The VOY SPLITBOARD SET (INCL.SKINS), which supports all backcountry conditions, is a freeriding board with edge grip that enables stable riding not only on powder but also on icy slopes. .Even in unstable conditions off the slopes, it has a shape that exhibits optimum buoyancy on the snow surface, enabling active riding that you wouldn't expect from a splitboard.

A dedicated seal is attached, and an insert screw corresponding to the interface of each company is assembled. (We do not sell interfaces.)

VOY SPLITBOARD SET (INCL.SKINS) has excellent mobility, so it is easy to walk and you can maintain your physical strength, and you can fully enjoy the great outdoors, which is the real pleasure of backcountry.Overwhelming movement speed, comfortable walking, and lightweight luggage are the biggest attractions for splitboarding.By being able to move mountains with less effort, it will be possible to challenge higher and further slopes, and it will be a partner that expands the range of your backcountry.A must-have tool for true mountain enthusiasts, the performance and reliability of the VOY SPLITBOARD SET (INCL.SKINS) will surely captivate you once you experience it.This season, embark on adventures in uncharted territory with the VOY SPLITBOARD SET!