[23-24 continuous model] The best all-round model ever "CORE Multientry"

"CORE Multientry" is recommended for all-rounders who want to enjoy a wide range of snowboarding.The ankle strap has been updated to an ``Ultra Light Ankle Strap'' to improve flexibility and fitting response.Equipped with a multi-entry function, CORE has just the right amount of flex, is easy to handle even at low speeds, supports beginners to advanced users with a high average level, and reigns as the standard model of SP Bindings.


In addition to the ultra-light ankle strap, the ultra-thin aluminum baseplate provides a lightweight feel that makes the entire binding easy to handle.Additionally, the thinness of the aluminum base plate allows you to feel the snow surface conditions under your feet, further improving toe and heel response.The design without a heel cup expands the range of movement from the nose to the tail, making it easy to create a style, and allows for stable use in any situation.

By adopting a multi-entry system, the CORE not only allows you to wear the strap without removing it, but also allows you to attach and detach the strap with a ratchet like a normal binding while raising the highback.It can be used even if you cannot put on the board while standing.

``CORE ME'' has a lightweight feel and stability, and continues to respond to the various riding styles of all riders. The sandwiching of the toe cup and high back unique to SP Bindings creates a sense of unity with the binding, transmits power directly to the board, and creates a sense of unity around the suspension. Wearing CORE ME will bring out the maximum range of your riding!