[23-24] Enjoying tricks since snowboarding debut! TRUE 2.0/PRIDE 2.0

An all-round board that will make your snowboarding debut the best experience.
"TRUE 2.0" "PRIDE 2.0" The soft flex makes it easy to use even for beginners, and it also supports advanced tricks, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy grator tricks. It is gaining popularity as a dream-like model that supports a wide range of levels, from beginners to intermediates, and can be used for a long time.

TRUE 2.0




Unisex model "TRUE 2.0"And the ladies model"PRIDE 2.0' adopts head's original hybrid camber pop shape. This shape is designed so that the part that rises above the snow surface is flat, making it close to normal camber. As a result, the contact point on the edge is longer, allowing even beginners to make stable turns. Additionally, the soft flex and directional twin tip design improves maneuverability, making it a versatile board that can accommodate any riding style.


"NARROW WAIST" shape with a narrow center waist. The narrow waist creates supple flex and torsion for easy maneuverability, and the constricted point becomes the point of contact with the snow, increasing grip on the snow surface and creating a sense of stability and sharp turns. It can be easily and reliably controlled even at low speeds, provides excellent maneuverability even on hard ice, and provides stable and sharp turns under any conditions.

The hybrid camber pop and narrow waist shape provides a moderate amount of rebound, and the board design allows you to enjoy not only carving but also next-generation riding such as terrain play and grueling. It is popular as a long-use board that can be easily enjoyed by a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to those who want to enjoy tricks.