[22-23 New model] You can ride here! head snowboards test drive schedule


Entering the season where you can test drive the model next season! "I want to get a new gear this year", but "What model suits me?" "Which model suits me?"For such people, we recommend a test drive event where you can try out the model next season as soon as possible.Here, we will introduce a test drive schedule where you can try out new models of head snowboards and SP Bindings for the 22-23 season.There are also staff on site, so you may want to discuss a model that suits your riding style!

22-23 New model
Test drive schedule

SchedulevenueParticipating brands
May 2-25[SBJ ON SNOW Naeba]
Naeba Ski Resort
head / SP
November 2-25Minakami Kogen Ski Resorthead / SP
November 2-25ユ ー ト ピ アSaiotoSP
November 2-26Sapporo International Ski AreaSP
May 3-4[West Japan joint test drive event]
Mizuho Highland
head / SP
May 3-4Takatsuki Snow Parkhead / SP
November 3-5Whitepia TakasuSP
November 3-5Winghills Shirotori Resorthead / SP
November 3-11[SBJ ON SNOW Meiho]
Meiho Ski Resort
head / SP
November 3-12Kurobushi Kogen Snow Park Jungle Junglehead / SP
November 3-12Takatsuki Snow ParkSP
November 3-18Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resorthead / SP
November 3-19Naeba Ski Resorthead / SP
November 3-19Kiroro Resorthead
November 3-25Hunter Mountain ShiobaraSP
November 3-26Kandatsu Snow Resorthead / SP
November 3-26Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resorthead / SP
November 4-2Kandatsu Snow Resorthead / SP
November 4-2Tanbara Ski Parkhead / SP
November 4-8Geto Kogen Ski Resorthead / SP