[22-23 continuation model] You can easily turn! DAYMAKER LYT / SHINE LYT

Succeeded in weight reduction and improved operability
An all-mountain master
I want to master the turn quickly
It is recommended for beginners and intermediate players who want to try tricks.



Men's model "DAYMAKER LYT" and women's model "SHINE LYT"
This camber construction combines the playfulness of a flat board with the control of a camber board.
By flattening the center of the board, smooth riding is possible, and by narrowing the waist, the flexibility of torsion is added, making it a dynamic and tenacious board.
The lighter weight of the board also makes it more responsive, which means less strain on the turn, allowing you to enjoy the ride longer and make the turns easier.

What Makes Turns Easier
Flat between the legs,
DCT shape with camber underfoot.
By adopting this shape,
Instead of “just softening”,
Succeeded in “softening only necessary parts”.
There is a sense of stability even at a certain speed,
Because of its good operability, carving turns
Easy to pick up and easy to learn.