[21-22 New model] What is "FASTEC" that is easy to put on and take off and raises performance?

Riders need SP binding
Get a "sense of unity with the board" quickly and easily
There is a binding mounting system.
Called [FASTEC]
What the hell is this system?
What a positive factor

It will bring it to riding.


[FASTEC] is a rear entry system that does not have a heel cup and is attached by raising the high back and pushing the entire foot toward the tip of the toe.It's super easy to put on, just put your foot in the binding like wearing slippers, raise the highback and lever, and stop the buckle.What's more, it can be worn with the same tightening every time, and it has a good response in all directions 360 degrees.It is an epoch-making system that raises the riding performance to a higher level.

It can be put on and taken off quickly, so you can wear it quickly and slide quickly.This system, which does not bother you to install the binding and demonstrates excellent performance, is installed in all models of SP binding for the 21-22 season. It's a binding system that people who haven't used it yet should definitely try.