[21-22 New model] "ANYTHING LYT" "EVERYTHING LYT" to expand the range of fun of snowboarding


For intermediate and advanced players, you can use a board that is not available on other boards.
Providing light operability for beginners

Unisex model "ANYTHING LYT"When,
Ladies' model "EVERYTHING LYT. "
Here made with the same concept
Pick up two models!

Unisex model "ANYTHING LYT"And the ladies' model"EVERYTHING LYT"" Adopts a shape called DCT 2.0, which is a further update of the original all-round shape called DCT.This shape stabilizes the "turn on the heel side," which is considered difficult with snowboarding.By lengthening the effective edge on the heel side, the edge grip works at an early timing from the start of the turn, and the grip continues firmly until the latter half of the turn, so the turn is stable.



Both models use honeycombs in the form of asymmetry for the nose and tail.This realizes light operability.Achieved lightness when spinning.This provides intermediate and advanced users with board handling not found on other boards, and beginners with light operability.The model is finished to expand the range of fun of snowboarding.