[Breaking News] Current high school student Urara Kiyota has successfully decided to be promoted to professional at “X-Festa CUPIDVALLEY”!

At the PSA ASIA Snowboard Pro Tour "X-Festa CUPIDVALLEY" held at CUPIDVALLEY on February 2024, 2, head ambassador Urara Kiyota, a current high school student, achieved 3nd place and was promoted to professional.

Kiyota is active in a wide range of sports, mainly competing in snowboard cross competitions, but also participates in halfpipe and banked slalom competitions. She has successfully obtained her professional qualification at the young age of 16, and explains why she decided to take part in this tournament, saying, ``Since you can participate in official cross competitions from the age of 15, last year I competed in the cross competition for the first time.'' I competed in the class and watched the professional skaters and was inspired.I am aiming to qualify as a professional this year, so I decided to take on this competition.''

Regarding the results of this tournament, he expressed his enthusiasm by saying, ``I'm happy to be able to become a pro.I'll continue to ride the HEAD board a lot and work hard to have fun and become even better at snowboarding!'' She is still young and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of player she will be in the future.

Name: Urara Kiyota Born March 2007, 3 ■Height: 15cm ■Stance: Regular stance width: 150cm ■Angle: 50 degrees front, ▲15 degrees behind ■Snowboarding experience: 12 years ■Home mountain: Yamagata Zao Onsen Ski Resort, Around Yuzawa, Niigata ■Items used/Board:EVERYTHING LYT boots:FOUR BOA FOCUS LIQUID FIT binding:NX SIX ■ Instagram/ @kiyota_urara Past war history ⚫︎草大会 ENJIN BANKEDSLALOM 2023オープン16位 2022中学生女子2位 2020中学生女子3位 2019年小学生女子3位 ⚫︎公式大会2023年 Mitsumata Ups’n’Downs Opening CrossChallenge オープンクラス2位 第41回全日本スノーボード選手権大会東北地区大会 オープンクラス2位 第41回全日本スノーボード選手 権大会関東地区大会 オープンクラス2位 JSBA第41回全日本スノーボード選手権大会 オープンクラス5位 SAJ2023全日本ジュニアスキー選手権大会 オープンクラス5位