[Breaking News] Emiemon wins the SAJ technical competition for the first time!

Head Ambassador at the Northern Kanto Snowboarding Technical Championship and the 22nd Ibaraki Prefecture Snowboarding Technical Championship sponsored by SAJ (Japan Ski Federation)Emiemonwon the championship and obtained a ticket to the 2st All Japan Snowboarding Technical Championships, which starts on February 29th.

Emiemon, who mainly rides snowboarding, is also skilled at basic snowboarding, which is based on kata. This duality makes her an interesting ambassador. It can be said that he is a talented player that we will keep an eye on in the future.

[Profile] Name Ozeki Emi (Emiemon) Born August 1993, 8 ■Height: 28cm ■Stance: Goofy Stance Width: 162cm ■Angle: 47 degrees in front, 12 degrees in back (when participating in a carving tournament) ■Snowboarding history / 6th year ■ Home Mountain / Numata area ■ Items used / Board:POWER HOUSE 155cm at the time of guratori(EVERYTHING LYT 144cm) Boots:GALORE BOA binding:CORE ME Goggles: CONTEX PRO 5K AF ■Instagram/@emiemon_snow