[Rider Interview Atsushi Ishikawa] What is the charm of sLAB.ONE that makes legends swarm?

Q1: What kind of activities are planned for the 23-24 season?

Ishikawa:I would like to manage the Kandatsu Snow Resort and Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort parks and do my own photography.I'm planning to shoot Quiksilver in Hokkaido, which I couldn't go to last year.Also, I would like to attack the mountains of Tohoku by snowmobile.

QXNUMX: What bindings will you use this season?

Ishikawa:It's still sLAB.ONE! !In fact, I can't change it anymore lol

QXNUMX: It's a swamp! w What is the appeal of sLAB ONE?

Ishikawa: It will be the same as last year, but (22-23sLAB ONE×Atsushi IshikawaThe quick vertical response of the aluminum base and the flexible movement of the high back allow you to grip the powder snow surface in 3D, and make quick movements even on detailed tree runs.Also, since it is easy to make lateral movements even in the park, it is easy to add style with the grab.That's what it feels like.

QXNUMX: Flexible and quick movements are also attractive!I think it depends on your riding level, but is it suitable for jibs or the popular grating?

Ishikawa:yes!The lateral movement is flexible, so I think it's suitable for low-speed tricks.Of course I think the combination with the board and boots is important!

QXNUMX: It's also suitable for low-speed tricks! !By the way, Mr. Ishikawa, what boots do you wear with it?

Ishikawa:yes.Can be used at high speeds or low speeds.You can step firmly on it, play it, and it responds well!The boots are on the head.EIGHT BOA LIQUID FITI use it regularly and it goes perfectly with me.

Q: You talked about your own photoshoots this season and the Hokkaido attack on a snowmobile, but are there any tricks or situations you would like to attack while wearing sLAB.ONE? Please 🎵

Ishikawa:I agree.I like jumping, so I want to fly and spin in the current.I want to use it a lot in powder scenes.

QXNUMX: The season is almost here, so please give us some recommended points and advice for users who are wondering whether to try using sLAB.ONE!

Ishikawa:I've said it many times before, but the combination of an aluminum base and high back without a heel cup has a great balance of flex, and I like using it regardless of whether it's quick to put on or not.Give it a try this season.

[Profile] Atsushi Ishikawa Born October 1977, 10 ■Height/14cm ■Stance/Regular 168cm ■Angle/54 degrees in front, 9 degrees in back ■Snowboarding experience/6 years ■Home Mountain/Kandatsu Snow Resort/Nozawa Onsen Ski resort ■Items used/sLAB.ONE ■Instagram/@sclover3atsushi