[Rider interview Urara Kiyota] NEW FACE! !

Introducing all the stylish ambassadors who have newly joined head this season! !

QXNUMX: Please tell us how you became a head ambassador.Kiyota: I've been using Head ever since I was in elementary school, and I wanted more people to know about its cute design and ease of use. QXNUMX: What kind of activities do you do with snowboarding?Kiyota: I mainly compete in snowboard cross competitions.There are also halfpipe and banked slalom competitions. QXNUMX: What kind of lighting do you usually skate with?Please let me know if there are any characteristics of your own writing.Kiyota: I'm good at sharp carving from short turns to long turns. QXNUMX: What do you like about snowboarding?Kiyota: Through snowboarding, I can make friends with people of different ages or who live far away, and I like the feeling of freedom and speed in nature, so I like it!
Q5: You've been snowboarding since you were in elementary school!What grade did you start?Kiyota: I've been snowboarding since I was in the first grade of elementary school.It was from the fifth grade of elementary school that I started in earnest, such as school and competition. Q1: Do you remember how you started snowboarding?Were your friends snowboarding too?What were your impressions of snowboarding when you were a child?My older brother entered the school and I also entered the school.I became interested in the cross when I saw other kids around my age competing in the competition.When I was in elementary school, I didn't really like snowboarding because I hated getting snow on my face and not being able to skate well in the cold, but now it's my favorite sport! Q5: This is your first interview since becoming an ambassador, but please give a final message to everyone reading this article.Kiyota: The board on the head is easy for girls to ride, so if you are unsure about which board to choose next, please try it!Highly recommended ♡
Name: Urara Kiyota Born March 2007, 3 ■Height: 15cm ■Stance: Regular stance width: 150cm ■Angle: 50 degrees front, ▲15 degrees behind ■Snowboarding experience: 12 years ■Home mountain: Yamagata Zao Onsen Ski Resort, Around Yuzawa, Niigata ■Items used/Board:EVERYTHING LYT boots:FOUR BOA FOCUS LIQUID FIT binding:NX SIX ■ Instagram/ @kiyota_urara