[Rider Interview Iwa-chan] Snowboarding and laughter?It was a year of great success!

Q1: Thank you for your hard work this season!We are in the midst of the summer season, but what was the 22-23 season like for Iwa-chan? Iwa-chan:I've been invited to a lot of work for manufacturers, some of my videos have gone viral on YouTube, and I've been able to appear on snowboarding TV, so it's been a season of great success, and I think I can continue to expand my skills as I continue to improve. It was a season where I felt there was a lot of potential. Q: It was a breakthrough year.What was the most memorable one? Iwa-chan:I went to Hiroshima for work with a manufacturer, and although I think the further west you go, the less snow there is, the more I went west, the more passionate I felt about snowboarding.His attitude of enjoying the short season to the fullest was amazing, and I thought that I would actually like to pursue a career in snowboarding further west. QXNUMX: Come to think of it, you appear on TV as a snowboarding comedian! ?What does a snowboarding comedian do? Iwa-chan:He gives information on ski slopes, gives presentations, and shares information about the movements of skilled athletes, and although his content may seem very formal, he is a snowboarding entertainer who skis on snowy mountains in the winter and on stage in the summer!I literally can't give a good presentation at all, so I'm having trouble with myself. QXNUMX: Are you a comedian whose catchphrase is skating on stage?I'm a little worried about Iwa-chan's life as a comedian lol.So, has there been any change in his environment or motivation? ? Iwa-chan:Since I often give presentations to people who aren't interested in snowboarding, I've become more conscious of choosing words, topics that will get them interested, and posting on SNS.For example, projects like speed challenges are easy to understand even for people who aren't interested in them, so I've started to keep that in mind and try not to become too maniacal. Q20: This is a bit different from the intention of the question, but I think this is a good catchphrase.By the way, even though you are a comedian, did you get a XNUMXM kicker this year?What was it like taking your first shot? Iwa-chan:To be honest, the staff from Hoshino Resorts and the two photographers were with me, so I didn't hear anything like that."Hurry up and fly!"I felt a silent pressure like that, so I just flew for the sake of the cameraman (lol) 20m was so long in the air that it felt like I was paragliding (lol)
Q20: So you were forced into a corner? Why did the XNUMX meter kicker decide to fly? ? Iwa-chan:Snowboarding called Iwa-chan in winterYouTube ChannelI decided to fly with that project.In the old days, I like big kickers like Okutadami's big kicker.In the spring, Nekoma Ski Resort's Big Kicker flies, so I was able to fly with peace of mind using Altz's Digger's quality. QXNUMX: As expected of a professional wrestler!It's currently off-season, but are you still snowboarding? Iwa-chan:Basically, I practice at Saitama Quest, but I also practice at Tottori Sand Dunes Sandboarding, so I practice there as well.You can practice free running with a surfing-like feel using a snowboard board that has been tampered with and rubber binding on your socks! QXNUMX: Sandboarding!Sounds fun! !Can you ski with regular snowboard equipment?What does Iwa-chan use? Iwa-chan:All the boards I used for the season will automatically become sandboard boards, so this year it's Anything.Just to be clear, the binder is not a regular binder, but a special binder for sandboarding that is attached with adhesive, so even if you bring in your old board, it won't slip, so don't worry (lol)
QXNUMX: Iwa-chan, you were skating ANYTHING LYT this season! !Why did you choose ANYTHING?How was the ride? ? Iwa-chan:I wanted to do my best with Guratri, and since I started shooting more YouTube videos, my skating speed range changed, so I chose ANYTHING because it is easy to handle.It's a stress-free board to use, so I think it's highly recommended for beginners and intermediate players. QXNUMX: Do you feel like you can enjoy sandboarding by sliding ANYTHING? ? Iwa-chan:Sand has more friction than grass, so a hard board is easier to handle with a sandboard, so ANYTHING is a sandboard for advanced users, so give it a try if you like.
Name Hiroyuki Iwahara / Born November 54, 11 ■ Height / 27 cm ■ Stance / Regular / Stance width 155 cm ■ Angle / 52 degrees front, -15 degrees back ■ Snowboarding experience / 3 years ■ Home mountain / Nekoma Mountain ■ Items used / board:ANYTHING boots:EIGHT BOA binding:CORE ■Instagram/@ iwachan1979