[Rider Interview] Pursuing a unique color with a focus on guratori Shuya Arai

As an instructor, Arai teaches lessons in a wide range of genres while pursuing his own unique style. He told us that he will be actively participating in tournaments, so we take a closer look at his suboard style! !

Q1: Could you tell us about Arai-san's main riding style? 新 井: The main styles are spins and presses that spin at high speeds, and a style called "Guratori" that performs tricks from a pressed state. Q2: Why did you choose that style? 新 井:I saw a video of Guratori on Instagram and started practicing because I wanted to be able to do it like this too! Q3: What is the appeal of snowboarding and racing? 新 井: The sense of accomplishment you get when you learn a new technique or the feeling you get when you can do something you couldn't do before is the best! I also think that one of the things I look forward to is getting to meet and become friends with people of various ages, and expanding my circle of acquaintances! Of course, Guratori is fun to be able to perform techniques, but it's also really fun to be able to show off your own style and show off your strengths that are different from others, and to be able to improve each other's skills by asking questions together. is.
Q4: I heard that you also have lessons at Ryuo Ski Park, but what kind of lessons do you offer? 新 井: We offer a wide range of lessons, including not only grator lessons, but also park, free running, and carving! In order to meet everyone's needs, I am also improving my own skills every day, so if you want to get better at snowboarding, please come and take a lesson! Q5: Is it difficult to balance lessons with your own practice? How are you doing? 新 井:In my case, I can practice on my own when I don't have lessons or during night games, so I've never found it to be that difficult. I am able to enjoy both. Q6: Can I nominate a lesson? 新 井:If it is a private lesson, you can also nominate someone. We also offer rock and high speed shuffle lessons, so beginners as well as intermediate and advanced players are welcome! Q7: We are almost halfway through this season, do you have any plans or goals for your future activities? 新 井: This season I have decided to take on the challenge of competing in tournaments in particular, so I would like to work hard to achieve results in the remaining Guratori tournaments. Also, I would like to practice not only in guratori but also in other genres so that I can express my own style!
[Profile] Name Shuya Arai ■Born November 1998, 11 ■Height: 7 cm ■Stance: Regular Stance width: 175 cm ■Angle: Front +54 degrees Back -9 degrees ■Snowboarding experience: 12 years ■Home Mountain /Ryuo Ski Park ■Items used/SP bindings core ■Instagram/@shuya_snowboard