"Miyabi Park Project" Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai completes 20m kicker

For players aiming for the world
Miyabi Park Project starts

Last season, a world-class practice environment with a 2m-sized kicker and a series of transition jumps was completed in Alts Bandai in February.

Last season, many of the overseas expeditions and international competitions were canceled due to the Corona disaster.However, aiming for the top of the world does not mean that we will have a mellow season.A reliable level-up can only be achieved by practicing with world-class items.Even so, a custom-made park "Miyabi Park" was created in Alts Bandai so that Onizuka could practice enough.Furthermore, this season, when the Beijing Olympics will be challenged, the project started in August in order to prepare the training environment just before.

This season, Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai will open on Tuesday, December 12th.In recent years, I have been suffering from a warm winter, and sometimes I couldn't open it at the end of the year.Lack of snow is a natural environment, so it can't be helped.Even in the last season when snow was secured early in recent years, Miyabi Park centered on a 28m size kicker was completed in February. The fastest time in mid-January was when it was created for practice just before the Pyeongchang Olympics four years ago.Regarding this season, just before the Beijing Olympics, in the situation of corona sickness, Onizuka initially scheduled to enter Beijing early, completed at the end of December to practice according to that, and the size of the main kicker is 19 m. At the request of the world size, Alts Bandai was aiming to create it.

Elite staff, led by Yuji Yamada, a park producer who knows all about the terrain and snow quality of this area, complete the items by hand with heavy machinery.At the request of the final check by Onizuka, delicate adjustments such as pop-out angle and liner can be made.

"Last season, I couldn't go abroad and there were almost no tournaments, so I was able to keep up with the overseas players because they prepared world-class items at Alts Bandai," said Onizuka. talk.In the off-season, adjustments will be made at practice facilities such as Saitama Quest.But in reality the finish of the adjustment must be on the snow. The practice environment from the end of December to mid-January from the end of December to the middle of January is important in order to perfect the perfection of the game such as CAB1260 double cork.

The staff of Alts Bandai decided to take on the challenge despite the difficult problems in order to make it in time. The decision at the Miyabi Park Project meeting was to reduce the amount of snow used by "filling" with a large amount of soil in order to create a 20m size kicker while the amount of snow is not expected to be sufficient.Even so, it is said that natural snowfall alone will not be enough, and artificial snowmaking machines will be used to make up for it, and preparations will be made as much as possible.The choice of filling is not an easy task.To prepare and move a large amount of soil, ski resorts will require enormous costs and labor more than items made from snow.

As the Miyabi Park Project progresses in this way, unfortunately, we are faced with the spread of infection with the Omicron strain in the corona virus.Onizuka's overseas games and practice and going back and forth between Japan involved the risk of entering the destination and requiring a period of isolation from returning to Japan, so he was troubled with the choice of practice in Japan.Of course, it should be avoided that you cannot practice during the isolation period when you want to spend some time adjusting on the snow.

However, the Miyabi Park Project has been decided to be created.Although Onizuka will be absent, in order to create a 20m class kicker for Japanese players aiming for the world and to prepare an environment where they can practice enough in Japan in the situation where it is difficult to go abroad due to corona damage. Construction has started with the aim of completing it in late January.

While practicing, go up to the starting position with a snowmobile.A perfect backup system for ski resorts allows for quick and intensive practice

"We are working to challenge the world together, rather than being supported or supported by Onizuka," said Morimoto, manager of Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai.The Miyabi Park Project will also be a source of information to the world that the Alts Bandai in Fukushima Prefecture, which has suffered from the rumors of the nuclear power plant problem caused by the earthquake, will take on the challenge of tourism reconstruction.
This season, Miyabi Park will surely bring together world-class riders and have a hot session.

In the documentary video "Get Over-Miyabi Onitsuka x Hoshino Resorts" distributed on Youtube in all three episodes, we will challenge the world with the thoughts of the Hoshino Resort staff, along with the actual situation of the Miyabi Park Project last season. It contains behind-the-scenes scenes such as Onitsuka's steady practice scene.You can see the video from the special page of Miyabi Onitsuka x Hoshino Resorts.

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