Austria with the headquarters of "HEAD"!


Global sports brand "HEAD"

Leading the world sports scene such as skiing, snowboarding, and racket sports.

The headquarters of HEAD is located in Kennelbach, Austria.

3 hours drive from Munich Airport, Germany.

Cross the border and enter Austria

The "HEAD" headquarters is located in the city of Kennelbach.

There are HEAD SKI and racket sports offices here.

The cityscape is snowy during the winter season.

The ski resort can be reached in about 30 minutes.

There is also SKI's own factory where you can test.

There is a tennis court on the premises

It is a quiet place surrounded by nature.

The office is also very big

There are rooms for each staff member in a school-like building

There is a meeting room

It's a very spacious office.

The atmosphere is very rough and more than the business style of Japanese office buildings.

Casual and relaxing.

The head snowboards office is in Munich.

I will introduce you to that office again!