"Come Ride With Us in Hakuba Cortina" was a great success!


Come Ride With Us in Hakuba Cortina blessed with a lot of snowfall!

The event that started in 2009 has never removed the powder.

And on Sunday the 18th, we were blessed with fine weather.

It was a condition where you can enjoy deep powder throughout the day.

With lots of users and riders, head snowboards staff

It was a very nice event.

Everyone who participated!

Thank you all!

We look forward to your continued support of head snowboards & Rider.


Even if the lift does not open due to a snowstorm, the rider will guide you to a fun point

Everyone smiles and enjoys powder! !! !! !!10899957_878033595551518_8991974931665783631_o

In the best condition! !! !! !! !!


This member was strong! !! !!

It was a nice session! !! !! !! !!

Riding edition, Come Drink With Us will be on display next time! !! !! !!