Behind the scenes of "BURTON MYSTERY SERIES". [NOW PARKS 2024] EPISODE1-

"BURTON MYSTERY SERIES" was held at Nekoma Mountain North Area on January 1th. This event was a great success with well over 20 participants, and Keiji Okamoto and THE PARKS HAKUBA crew were in charge of creating the course.

The banked slalom course for para snowboarding, which is an official Paralympic competition and is being toured internationally, is managed by a professional construction crew and is one step ahead of the rest of the world.

And this time, Okamoto, Japan's Para Snowboard representative, and THE PARKS HAKUBA crew, with their know-how and support, teamed up with the Nekoma Mountain Park crew, which is known as the best park in Japan, to create the best banked slalom course and special facilities. A park was created.

We want you to get a feel for the behind-the-scenes and atmosphere of BURTON MYSTERY SERIES from this movie.