"Wear it as if you were changing clothes." Feel free to choose your favorite design and enjoy the style of eyewear.

Sunglasses are an item that we snowboarders always want to carry with them wherever they go.Round-trip driving on snowy mountains, relaxing on the slopes, skating to enjoy in the off-season, etc.I want sunglasses that can be used casually in such various active scenes.
"FULL ON" is recommended for you.
The name comes from the coined word FULL ON, which is used when you are in a climax.In the 18th year since its birth, we have achieved a reasonable price while pursuing high quality with the concept of "wearing like a T-shirt with the feeling of changing clothes according to the mood and coordination of the day."
For the model lineup, you can select BLUE LABEL for polarized lenses, ORANGE LABEL for UV cut lenses, and GREEN LABEL for photochromic lenses according to your needs.In addition to snowboarders, athletes of various genres who are active worldwide, helicopter pilots, photographers, illustrators, singer-songwriters, etc. are widely supported.
As a snowboarder, he is a professional snowboarder who has recovered from a serious injury and is also active in the MC of the tournament.

"I have some favorite frames, but I'm glad that I can go skateboarding with my favorite sunglasses while paying attention to the visibility, with this feeling on a sunny day and Kochi on a slightly cloudy day! (^^) It seems to be very active in the field of winter event MC! "

This time, we recommend from many items
Pick up BLUE LABEL's FBL043 series!

New colors are also available.

NEW! FBL 043-37 ¥ 5,720 (tax included)
NEW! FBL 043-38 ¥ 5,720 (tax included)
FBL 043-36 ¥ 5,720 (tax included)
FBL 043-32 ¥ 5,720 (tax included)
FBL 043-30 ¥ 5,720 (tax included)

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