❤️ Futari Journey-Minowa Ski Resort-❤️ Notice

Tohoku trip with Yukie Ueda until the other day

I went on a "female two trip"!

Continuing from last year's Hokkaido, this is the Tohoku edition!



Yukie, who lives in LA, is here!

We have been snowboarding companions for XNUMX years.

I'm a big senior rather than a friend, but it's the size of Yukie-chan's bosom that I'm allowed to do without hesitation. .. ..

I'm grateful to have friends who can travel and slide together

(◡̈) / ♥ ︎


This time to Minowa Ski Resort in Fukushima Prefecture! !! !!

I heard the name, but no way ...

It's a place with such good snow and beautiful scenery ...


Minowa Ski Resort welcomed us on a sunny day with buff buff powder!


The attendant is Mr. Taira, a promoter representing Fukushima Prefecture.

And I'm Atsushi-kun, a pro mobile player.
IMG_1338It cleaned my heart that was about to break in the big city of Tokyo ...

The power of snowy mountains is great.


IMG_3435When you see this kind of scenery in front of you

I'm going back to the wild, I'm clear, I usually rely too much on the power of civilization.

I have a feeling of regaining what I lost.

IMG_3430I'm sharing it with my friends like this,

Moreover, as a wife professional snowboarder, we are still enjoying the snowy mountains no matter how many times we become.

I think it's a happy life.



Mari Mizukami

Did you give the finest powder?


The GNU snowboard logo is also nice to see and I like it!

Supper at the hotel in Minowa Ski Resort!




This time I stayed for the interview.


It ’s really beautiful and the food is delicious ...

I really love Fukushima Minowa Ski Resort ❤️


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