☆ Notice ☆ September XNUMX Snova Hashima Event

There will be an alpine event on the indoor slopes of Gifu Hashima on September XNUMXnd.

I want a monitor who wants to get on the board of RIDE
I will be a selection judge.

Everyone, please come and visit us to show off your slip and become a RIDE monitor!

In addition, we will hold a test drive event for RIDE boards next year.

On September XNUMXst, I will go to Alpine's board for a night out.

I will be in Gifu Hashima all day on the XNUMXnd.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all.

☆ Please feel free to contact me ☆

By the way, this mug is from a Finnish friend

Eila, the mother of Elo Ettara

It was a gift for me yesterday

It's a favorite I've been using since it arrived.

Moomin is from Finland.