☆ In 2015, I slipped for the first time with former JUDY & MARI guitarist Takuya ☆

I went to Naeba for the first time on January 2015rd and 1th, 3 ☆

The other day, I was invited by President Kita, who I met when I participated in the year-end party of the snowboard brand maker High Community.
I was surprised to hear the members!
Former JUDY & MARY guitarist Takuya is with us!


When we met at Tokyo Station, President Kita handed us a reserved seat for the Shinkansen Green Car!
Moreover, on the way, I could see Mt. Fuji perfectly and felt the beginning of a good New Year! !!


What's more, it's amazing to be able to start the new year with such a celebrity snowboard by heading to Naeba Ski Resort on the Shinkansen Green Car and staying at the Prince Hotel!
It is a snowy mountain trip of 1 days and 2 night with this member ☆


From the left, MARI, former gravure idol Yuki, former JUDY & MARI guitarist Takuya, President Kita.

About Naeba, eat lunch, slip, go to a hot spring, and have Chinese food for dinner ☆

I also had delicious Shaoxing wine ☆


After that, I had a good time watching the fireworks launched at Naeba while drinking wine and eating cake ☆


And from here, wine is pomponed, and the drinking party continues until late at night. .. .. ..
Mr. Takuya was so strong in alcohol that the three of us had eyes. .. ..

I think it's probably the strongest person I've met in the last 10 years.

The next day, from Naeba to Kagura.

Take the Dragondola to the Wadagoya.


Kita-san was down because he drank too much, so we went with three people ☆


Mr. Takuya navigated to and from Wadagoya.

As a snow mountain professional, I have to navigate, but Takuya is too reliable and laughs.

I was skating with confidence ☆


Grilled ginger at Wadagoya!After drinking alcohol and lying down in the tatami room, I slept for about 10 minutes and dreamed. .. ..
Happy new year. .. ..


Sake is drunk in the gondola like an energy drink. .. ..Lol

I enjoyed it for 2 days!I was able to go to the Wadagoya, which was my goal!


At the end of the day, I ate hegi soba noodles at a soba restaurant at Echigo Yuzawa Station and drank red wine ♡

Then take the Shinkansen Green Car to Tokyo. .. ..

It was a really nice New Year!

With this fun in my heart, I think I can do my best again this year!

We look forward to working with you in 2015! !!