☆ Hakuba Happo backcountry shooting ☆

Hello!This is Mari Mizukami!
After returning from Hokkaido for about two weeks until the other day,
I went from Tokyo to Hakuba, returned to Tokyo, and moved to Hakuba, Okushiga Kogen, Tokyo, and Hakuba all the time.

It was hard for me to stay for a couple of days ...!

But I've been shooting perfectly!


To the backcountry of Hakuba Happo!
After all this mountain is amazing! !!

It's a cool manly mountain!


Powder snow can range from fairy tale to hard,
For me, this mountain is a mountain with a lot of adrenaline!


And every time I slip, energy spills out and I have a strong mental power.
You will be satisfied with a feeling different from your usual self.
I mean, my liver is calm and calm
It's like the power after meditating.


Climb the snowy mountain while feeling happy.

If you're in the city, you don't want to get sunburned, you want to extend your eyelashes, and you can be yourself as you are.

It is such a mountain.

And after shooting a few cuts
I saw a slope ...!


The slope is steep and no track.No one has left the line yet!

If you can leave a photo here, it should be absolutely cool!

Alright!Do!I climbed back up the slope that had slipped as far as I expected.

I climbed back up to the ridge and walked alone to the place where the slope was.

The road on the ridge was narrow and rattling, and there were no footprints, so I was honestly scared, but I had a strong desire to slide on that slope.
I managed to arrive while my legs were about to lose strength.

It was a little higher than my level for me.

Jonas and Ryuya, who were shooting together, held the camera.

Draw up! !!


The best! !! !!

The most comfortable of the season!

It was full of accomplishment!


On the way back, cross the river and survive safely! !!


At the end it was a little tattered,
There are many ways to enjoy snowboarding,

I challenged a level just above my level and felt or impressed when it succeeded
I like myself when I surpass myself.

I will do my best to meet a new self who has taken on the challenge even more boldly this season and improved! !!

I'm going to Hokkaido from now on! !!

I'll do my best in the last spurt for the rest of the season!

Please support me (^^)