☆☆☆ Princess days 4 ☆☆☆

Hello everyone.

The other day, I went to Hiroshima to meet a sponsor!

(In the lobby of the beauty salon)

Before going out for dinner together

(Esthetic living room)

The beauty treatment salon also gave me a 3-hour course ☆

It was a blissful time! !! !!

And the supper was very gorgeous as usual!

Spiny lobster, abalone, beef fillet, foie gras, etc. .. ..

I ate a lot of ingredients that I couldn't always eat. .. ..Lol

I mean, abalone, spiny lobster, beef fillet, foie gras. .. ..

Even if I always want to eat it, I can't eat it easily

I was really happy ♪

I have a birthday on July 7th next month, but I had them celebrate a little earlier ☆


I'm always happy to make a surprise

I'm always looking forward to seeing you ♪

Because I was able to charge nutrition,

From tomorrow, I'm going to France ☆☆☆