☆☆☆ “Go For It Fukushima” Held for XNUMX days from May XNUMXrd @ Nekoma Ski Resort! !! !! ☆☆☆

This time, I was contacted by Mr. Taira, the boss of shop Shredder in Fukushima prefecture, who is my big brother!

Suddenly, a charity event of SNOW, SURF, SKATE, MUSIC will be held for XNUMX days at Nekoma Ski Resort!

An all-night party will be held on the XNUMXth, inviting professional riders and famous artists from various industries.
It would be held! !! !!

The artist is Reggae, "Spina Bill"!
           Hip hop is "Co-key"!
           "HeartBeat" is coming to R & B!

It ’s dangerous, it ’s dangerous! !! !!Fukushima prefecture is too hot!There is absolutely no choice but to go!

This time, I called a side ride + artist and sent the video to overseas side ride media,

Fukushima Prefecture is in a difficult situation, but we are doing our best to recover positively by holding events.

It was suggested that they should be known and come to play again.

This time, in the triple pain of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant,

Mr. Taira, who goes directly to the disaster area and still focuses on the support of people who have a hard time.

We are seriously working on the reconstruction of Fukushima Prefecture!

Click here for Mr. Taira's blog!


It was supposed to be held at the Alts Ski Resort in Fukushima Prefecture on the day of the Great Earthquake.

He is also a "Alts Jam On Snow" and a city rail tournament "GO FOR IT".

I think a lot of snowboarders will come to this event! !! !!

Please join us ☆