☆☆☆ Best-selling author Hohoko Asami sent us a new book! ☆☆☆

Hello everyone! !! !!

Occasionally it appears on my blog,

Best-selling author Hohoko Asami!

The warm feeling is healed ♪

A new book written by my favorite best-selling author, Hohoko Asami.

You sent me a "Dictionary that you can be free" ♪♪♪

I'm very happy, and recently I often read it when traveling by train ☆☆☆

And autographed !!!

Really make it a treasure!

Thank you! ! !

It's a lot of merit. .. .. !! !! !!

Hohoko's dictionary!

It's a big deal, so let's take a look at "ma" and "ri"!

This character is also drawn by Hohoko-san and is really

Cute ~ ☆

For me, Hohoko is a model woman in everything.

I want to read the new book written by such a person

You can give me a gift with an autograph. .. ..tears! !! !!

I'm really grateful!

Thank you! ! !

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