☆☆☆ Travel to France (Les 2 Alps) ☆☆☆

The next day, at Paris Airport on the 25th, I joined the STONP team who participated last year,

Arrive in the Alps in 5 hours by train and car!

These three are the best riders among professional snowboarders

I'm also looking forward to seeing everyone's slips live! !!

From the left, Signal's Yusaku Horii

Kazuhiro Kokubo from Burton in the middle

On the right is Burton's Kotaro Uemura

Click here for Stonp's blog! !! !!


The weather is clear and the wind is cool. .. ..

The scenery is good and I feel that time is slowly passing. .. .. (^^)

Click in front of the staff house of the kUMIYAMA event ☆

The view on the left side seen from the KUMIYAMA staff house

The view in the middle seen from the staff house

Gifts for tournament participants are available on the veranda ☆

I wonder if my injury will heal soon.

In a crowded train in the city,

The effect seems to change if you think in such a wonderful scenery. .. .. !!

The view on the right side of the sunset

Everyone at kUMIYAMA invited me to the event even though I couldn't slip

I really appreciate it. .. ..tears

Also, thank you for calling me back to the mountains of Les 2 Alps and letting me slide ☆

I thought from the bottom of my heart!