☆☆☆ Nail Salon Corazon ☆☆☆

Hello everyone!

It's finally getting cooler ~~~~! !!

I can't wait for winter ~~~! !! !!

I had my sister's wedding, so I put a ribbon charm on my nails ☆

It's also cute (♥ Ü ♥) that shakes when you move your finger! !!

I like the color because it looks like an adult ♪

All-you-can-eat eyelashes!

All-you-can-eat eyelash mink ¥ 7500

Gel nail ¥ 8500

Tell them you've seen this blog and get 10% off ☆

Nail Salon Corazon Shibuya

☆ Collaboration of Run-chan and Gel Nail ☆

Recently, I've been addicted to bargain bean seedlings because the food is delicious and nutritious.

Run-chan also loves bean sprouts and is happy to be able to eat them together (♥ Ü ♥)