“FUSING 41-SW” is the first item that longskeling beginners want to get.

This model was supervised by Takanori Shirakawa, who is a motion analysis coach and strength and conditioning coach for the current Japanese national snowboard halfpipe team. The deck is a combination of 5 layers of maple, 1 layer of fiberglass, and 1 layer of bamboo, and has been adjusted to a mid-flex to suit uptrack. Recommended weight is 60-110 kg. According to Mr. Shirakawa, “FUSINGis the most stable in terms of stability, and is characterized by a very snowboard-like riding feel with little quirk. I think even people who are new to longskeling or have had trouble riding other models will find it easy to ride."

Size: 104.1cm x 25.4cm
Color: Stain green + laser print
Price: 48,000 Yen


Riding video by Mr. Shirakawa
Master the FUSING 41-SWClick here for Mr. Shirakawa's video!

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