“Journey around the Hokkaido Powder Belt” Special movie/main story released (Asahikawa edition/Tomamu edition) Check out the special content too!!

Central part of Hokkaido, approximately from north to south200km``Hokkaido Powder Belt'' is an area where you can enjoy intensive snowboarding under the best snow and location.

It is a general term for the area that connects the snowfields located in the center of Hokkaido, such as Tomamu, Furano, Kamui, Asahidake, and Kurodake.2,000mThe altitude ranges from mountainous areas such as Daisetsuzan National Park and the Tokachi Mountain Range.1,000mHodo no Satoyama, snow resort, local ski resort, Hokkaido Daiichi2Asahikawa is a big city, and the environment is perfect for enjoying the snowy mountains in winter.

In the December issue of FREERUN, we fully conveyed its charm in the magazine, but for those who would like to see it on video, Neil Hartman, a filmer and photographer who is familiar with the ``CAR DANCH series'', accompanied us for the interview. They created a special movie about that trip.

Please check it out.


>Asahikawa edition/Main edition

OMO7 Asahikawa by Based at Hoshino Resorts, in search of the finest powder snow and cruising points,Tour the surrounding snowy mountains. Check out the best trips to enjoy the charm of the area to the fullest!

Hokkaido Powder Belt Special Contents Asahikawa Edition

Asahidake is blessed with good conditions, and you can fully enjoy the surrounding slopes. A truly luxurious trip unique to the Hokkaido Powder Belt.

>Tomamu Edition/Main Edition

This time, we will be talking about the annual “CAR DANCH KarifuriCAT TOUR” special coverage.We offer Tomamu's diverse charms as well as the ultimate level of fun that only cat tours can offer.

Hokkaido Powder Belt Special Content Tomamu Edition

There is no doubt that you will feel that you really want to participate in a tour like this. Along with the charm of Hoshino Resorts TomamuKarifuriPlease watch this movie where you can fully experience the charm of CAT TOUR.