[FUTURE heads program] Makes you want to go snowboarding!Yuki Ota commentary “How to start snowboarding”

“FUTERE heads” program brought to you by HEAD

~ What is FUTURE heads?

A program that supports the improvement of beginners who want to enjoy snowboarding and become better at snowboarding, from children to adults, and provides information on how to enjoy snowboarding.This time, we will be introducing one of the programs, the video ``How to start snowboarding'' explained by head ambassador Yuki Ota.

head Snowboard's Japan model board has a POP and QR code like the photo on the left, and you can enjoy a video of ``How to start snowboarding'' explained by head ambassador, Yuki Ota, also known as Nerine.


FUTURE heads Presents How to start snowboarding! Recommended not only for those who want to start snowboarding, but also for those who want to teach snowboarding to their friends and people they are traveling with! !

XNUMX. First, let's memorize each part of the board!

XNUMX. Preparation is important for everything.Make sure to wear your boots!

XNUMX. Remember how to put on your board on the flat ground so you don't panic once you're on the slope!

XNUMX. One foot that is very useful for getting on and off lifts and moving on flat ground!

5. Learn the evolution of one-foot skating!

6. Restrain your enthusiasm.Before you go up, keep in mind how you will fall!

XNUMX. Now, let's take a ride on the lift!

XNUMX. To get on the course, first skid = board slide!

XNUMX. Once you get the hang of the board slide, try Konoha!

[Profile] YUKI OTA Born July 1981, 7 ■Height/24cm ■Stance/Regular 153cm ■Angle/48 degrees in front, -15 degrees in back ■Snowboarding experience/3 years ■Home Mountain/Fujiten Snow Resort/Kamuy Misaka Ski Resort ■Items used/ EVERYTHING LYT FOUR BOA FOCUS LIQUID FIT NX TEAM  ■Instagram/@nerine_yuki