[Urgent recruitment of school instructors! ] Now, we are recruiting for Palcall Tsumagoi, which has become a hot topic in the major renewal !!

Let's work at Palcall Tsumagoi with 150 days of skiing in the season!

Gunma Prefecture's Palcall Tsumagoi Ski Resort will be reborn as a completely new resort from this year.
It is said that it is currently preparing for the opening date of December 12, but the kids' school "Magic Snow Academy" starting this year is looking for a full-time instructor.
Practicing Japan's first curriculum using dedicated terrain
Magic Snow Academy is not an ordinary kids school, but a dedicated terrain ... For example, mini pipes, waves, table tops and other items that are often seen in parks are downsized.
Introduced Tyrain-based learning from the United States that practices practice methods according to various items.

Looking for staff with free ideas as well as qualifications
The purpose is to maximize the potential of children by letting them practice freestyle to fly and turn around.
That is why a "freestyle mind" is important for the staff.Lessons that convey the coolness of skiing and snowboarding are very different from traditional schools.
Of course, you can skate as much as you want in Japan's largest park, which will undergo major reforms from this year!
The application requirements are as follows!
Service period/ From the beginning of December 2021 to the end of April 12
Hourly wage/ Hourly wage 1,000 yen to 1,200 yen
Basic working hours/ 8 hours (40 hours per week), 2 days off per week
Treatment/ Transportation expenses (workers for 30 days or more), uniform rental, dormitory & food service, season pass
Qualifications/Licenses/ If you have a freestyle mind, you don't have to be a qualified person!
How to Apply/ Please send your resume with a photo to the email address below.
Contact/kei@beactive.life (To Ishiuchi)