[Rider Interview] NEW FACE has an indomitable spirit that continues to boldly challenge the streets! Kazuya Hatakeyama

Kazuya Hatakeyama has an indomitable spirit that continues to boldly take on difficult streets. His hard work and inquisitive spirit are what make this challenge possible and serve as the driving force for him to aim for even greater heights. Let's take a closer look at Hatakeyama's snowboarding life! !

Q1: Nice to meet you! ! Mr. Hatakeyama, which base do you skate on? Hatakeyama:nice to meet you! I don't have a home slope, but the ones I like and often go to are Suginohara, Iwatake, Fujiten, Kandatsu, and Marunuma! Q2: What made you start snowboarding? Hatakeyama:I was originally from Akita and had been skiing for a long time, but when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, a friend encouraged me to try snowboarding, so I started there! Q3: Did you get hooked right away? What did you enjoy about snowboarding back then? Hatakeyama:At that time, I was still a student, so I could only go about once a month, and it was fun, but that's about it! When I entered university and came to the Kanto region and skied the mountains of Niigata for the first time, I saw people doing guratori and thought I wanted to do it myself. After that thought, I became hooked and started going every week!
Q4: What is your current writing style? Hatakeyama:I like to do everything from powder to snow skiing, but I mostly ski in the park! Among them, I mainly ski jib! Q5: Why did you choose that writing style? Hatakeyama:I had always been doing guratori, but when I tried the guratori movements on a box, I found it quite fun...I had fun practicing tricks while thinking about whether I could do these kinds of movements, and from there I got hooked! Q6: Please let me know if there were any other things you did before arriving at this style. Hatakeyama:In the meantime, I did my best! I perfected basic movements like ollies, learned how to move my body, and then used them for jibs! I also studied styles while looking in the mirror at home, and watched the riders' movements by playing DVDs and videos over and over again!
Q7: So! ! If you look at my Instagram, I can see that you are also on the street! Is that also the influence of DVDs? Hatakeyama:The influence of DVD was huge! When I first started watching the video, I didn't really understand what was so great about it, but when I got a little better at it and tried it myself, I realized once again how difficult street riding is and how great the riders are at tackling it. I did. At the same time, I've learned how good it feels to wear makeup, so lately I've been making time to go there often! Q8: I heard that Mr. Hatakeyama uses CORE ME, but what was the reason for choosing it? Hatakeyama:I chose CORE ME because I like the fact that it is lightweight, has a wide range of motion, is flexible, and has a very quick response! The base plate is thin and it's easy to feel the soles of your feet, so it matches my skating style, and I've been using it since before I became an ambassador lol. Q9: Recommended for these people! ! Please let me know if there is any♪ Hatakeyama: I would like to recommend it to everyone because it is a vine that can do anything, but it is especially recommended for those who mainly ski grator or jib that perform tricks at medium and low speeds! Q10: Lastly, please let us know if you have any initiatives or goals for this season! Hatakeyama:I want to spread the word about the goodness of SP BINDINGS to more people, especially people like me, and I'm also planning to leave videos this year, so I'll be careful not to get injured. I would like to attack while attaching it!
Kazuya Hatakeyama / Born January 1989, 1 ■Height: 5cm ■Stance: Regular stance width: 165cm ■Angle: 54 degrees front, -9 degrees back ■Snowboarding experience: 9 years ■Home mountain: No particular slope, but what is your favorite slope? Fujiten, Marunuma, Kandatsu, Myoko Suginohara, Hakuba Iwatake, Appi Kogen ■Items used: Boots: HEAD EIGHTBOA LIQUID FIT Bindings: SPBINDINGS CORE MULTI ENTRY ■Instagram/@kazuyahatakeyama