[Rider Interview Udon] A year when I came to love snowboarding more.A circle of snowboarders connected by events.

Udon continues to spread the charm of snowboarding as MUSU through various events and SNS.We interviewed Udon about his seasonal activities and off-season.

QXNUMX: How was this season?

Udon: At the event, I was able to go to Mizuho Highland Ski Resort, Iiho Ski Resort, and many other snowy mountains for the first time.Next season, I want to go to snowy mountains in various regions and skate with everyone!

QXNUMX: What kind of event did you do?

Udon: “NEXT”, an event where you can get a one-year ambassador contract from a snowboard manufacturer, was a great success with more than 1 participants this year, which is my best memory!In addition, there is a snowboarding event “Ojiking” for men aged 100 and over to shine, and a recycling event “Revival” that sponsors the gear and clothing that riders no longer use at the beginning of his season.A two-day stay event will be held at the beginning and end of the season, and at night, everyone can enjoy BBQ and camping lessons and jam session events such as "Final Flash". etc. was held.Seeing everyone's skiing gave me motivation and made me love snowboarding even more this year!

Q1: It was a season full of fun events! ! At NEXT, you can get a one-year ambassador contract, so I think there will be many people who want to participate in the future.

Udon: At NEXT, we wanted to create an event where all snowboarders can enjoy snowboarding for a long time and have dreams about snowboarding, so we planned it instead of the conventional image of a rider who is good at snowboarding. "I love snowboarding!", "I want to look good in snowboarding!", "I want to improve from now on!", "I want to enjoy snowboarding in my own way!"With 107 participants and 57 new ambassadors, this year's event was nothing but a dream!

QXNUMX: Snowboard enthusiasts get together and have a blast!It's a wonderful event.Do you plan to continue in the future? As with NEXT, where should I check information about fun events?

Udon:yes!Because next year's NEXT would like to power up the sponsoring manufacturers so that everyone in Guratori can enjoy it even more!Please look forward to it!Event information is Udon's Instagram@udoooonnPlease check it out!

QXNUMX: Snowboarding is currently in the middle of the off-season. How do you plan to spend the off-season?

Udon: I go to Saitama Blush or Chiba Kings, an off-training facility where you can enjoy your favorite snowboarding all year round!Lately, I've been called Shiba no Yosei Udon.He lives a snowboarding life XNUMX/XNUMX, just like winter.

QXNUMX: Grass fairies are good.I want to go see it lol Do you have a goal for this summer?Do you have any events planned for the summer as well?

Udon: Until autumn, I will practice snowboarding with everyone at my snowboard jib lesson Moge Cap, and around autumn every year, I will hold an event to show off the results of my off-training at Saitama Blush!This year, it will be held as a charity event for SP teammate Ryu Hyodo.I want to support Hyoudou Ryuu's rehabilitation as a Yokonori companion!

QXNUMX: Lastly, please give a message to udon fans.

Udon: Let's go on a diet with udon so that we can enjoy our favorite snowboarding even more!

Name Udon Miyauchi/ ■Height/164cm ■Stance/Regular/Width of stance 50cm ■Angle/9 degrees in front, -6 degrees in back ■Snowboard history/10 years ■Home Mountain/None!I'm going to play in various mountains! ■ Items used / board: head EVERYTHING LYT Boots: head JILL LYT BOA FOCUS Binding: SP Binding CORE ME ■Instagram/ @udoooonn