[Rider Interview Riku Sekiya] NEW FACE! !

SP Binbings new rider Riku Sekiya.
A direct interview with him, who is active not only as a skater but also as a photographer, as well as hosting contests and other activities! !

Q1: Mr. Sekiya, this is your first interview with SP, right? Which ski resort do you usually ski at?

Sekiya:It is the first time! I usually have fun at Mt Jeans Nasu, Kandatsu Snow Resort, Aizukogen Takatsue Ski Resort, Nekoma Mountain, etc.

Q2: Mr. Sekiya's riding style is a combination of carving and gravitas, right? Is there anything you are conscious of when riding?

Sekiya:Well, my style is to enjoy a combination of carving and grating! What I am especially careful about is the balance between carving and tricks. I focus on performing tricks while skating without slowing down. When landing a trick, I catch the snow surface with the edge and keep in mind that it lands in a tight spot!

Q3: There are various categories of snowboarding, but in addition to the current style, I actually like this one! Is there such a thing?

Sekiya: I like them all (lol). Among them, I think the street footage is cool!
I like snowboarders who have their own style, regardless of their category!

Q4: Snowboarding is fun no matter what you do♪ What do you mainly do as an activity?

Sekiya:It's fun is not it!
I mainly create promotional videos for ski resorts and snowboarding gear, and I work as both a snowboarder and a photographer!

Q5: Do you have any future goals?

Sekiya:I want to make creative videos that convey the appeal of snowboarding through my skiing and videos!

Q6: I heard that Mr. Sekiya is planning a fun event. Please tell us about it♪

Sekiya: Online movie contest that combines snowboarding and video [RIDE ON MOVIE]
is held every year. In addition to just competing on snowboarding levels, we offer a variety of genres so that all participants can win awards. We hope that many people will take lots of videos during the season and submit entries!
You can check the details of RIDE ON MOVIE here.

Name Riku Sekiya / Born March 2002, 3
■ Height: 177cm 
Stance width 54cm
■ Angle / front 30 degrees, rear 27 degrees
■Snowboard history/ 18 years 
■Home Mountain/Mount Jeans Nasu
■ Items used/
Binding: SLAB PURE