[Rider Interview] From all-round to stylish riding!Yuma Teramoto talks about the charm of CORE ME!

Q1: Where do you plan to be active this season? UMA:We are planning to be based in Gunma Prefecture! Q2: This time to UMA.CORE MEI would like to ask you about this, but first, please tell me why you chose CORE ME! UMA:I want to enjoy all-round snowboarding and perform stylish tricks, so it best matches my riding style! Q3: What is the most recommended point when performing tricks? UMA:The aluminum base plate is light and flexible, and is also thin so you can easily feel the sensation of the soles of your feet! Q4: What other types of riding is it suitable for? UMA:It is useful for all-round activities such as free riding, carving, powder, grating, kicking, jibbing, etc.
Q5: What kind of users is it recommended for? UMA:The legs have a wide range of motion, so I think they're perfect for people who are particular about their style! Q6: Mr. Teramoto also does one-foot riding and is particular about his riding style!Is there anything new you would like to try with CORE ME this season? Teramoto:I want to do BS900 makeup on a snowy mountain! It has been stuck at 5 for about 6 or 720 years (lol) Q7: I want to escape this season lol Finally, please give some advice to users who want to use CORE ME this season but are unsure! Teramoto:It may take courage to try out new gear, but there is always something to be gained, so I encourage you to take the plunge and try it out!By the end of the season, you'll be hooked to the point where you won't be able to use any other bindings! !
[Profile] Yuma Teramoto / Born December 1991, 12 ■ Height / 14 cm ■ Stance / Regular 175 cm ■ Angle / 56 degrees front, -12 degrees back ■ Snowboarding experience / 12 years ■ Home mountain / Kawaba Ski Resort ■ Items used / Board: ANYTHING LYT Vine:CORE sLAB PURE boots:FOUR BOA FOCUS ■Instagram/ uma1080_