[Rider Interview] Yuichiro Suguro is a veteran rider with 33 years of snowboarding experience.

Yuichiro Suguro enters his 33rd season this season. In recent years, we asked Suguro, who has mainly been working as an instructor to give lessons, to talk about his own snowboarding style and his motivation to continue snowboarding.

Q1: Nice to meet you! ! Which slope does Katsuro usually ski on? Katsuro:Shinshu Sugadaira Kogen Pinebeak Ski Resort. Q2: Please tell us about your usual writing style. Katsuro:The main thing is carving turns. Q3: You have been snowboarding for a long time, right? ! What do you like about snowboarding? Katsuro:This is a place where you can use your imagination to create many different ways to skate. One of the attractions is that you can change the way you play with the tools you use.
Q4: I don't know anything about it, but I think continuing snowboarding is motivation, and sometimes it's not just because you like it, but is there a reason why Suguro continued snowboarding? Katsuro:My main activity is carving turns, but I have also tried various other categories such as alpine, SBX, park riding, gravel riding, running riding, and backcountry riding. Since I am an instructor, I tried new things every season in order to offer new proposals to customers, and before I knew it, I was in my 33rd season. Q5: Challenge yourself to new things every season! ! I'm so excited♪ If you have decided on a goal for this season, please let me know! Katsuro:My goal is to increase the variety of tricks that can be performed at high speed in order to combine carving turns and tricks. Q6: Oh! As expected! What kind of things can Mr. Suguro teach in your lessons? Katsuro:It's a carving turn.
Q7: Where can I take the test? Can I also nominate someone? Katsuro:I mainly give private lessons at the snowboarding school at Pinebeak Ski Resort in Sugadaira Kogen, Nagano Prefecture. I would be happy if you could nominate me.
[Profile] Name Yuichiro Suguro / Born May 1971, 5 ■Height: 12cm ■Stance: Regular Stance width: 172cm ■Angle: Front 54 degrees, back 30 degrees ■Snowboarding experience: 18 years ■Home Mountain: Sugadaira Pinebeak Ski Resort ■Items used/Boots: HEAD THREE LYT BOA FORCUS Binding: SP BINDING CORE MULTI ENTRY ■Instagram/ @yuichiro_suguro