[Magazine-linked project] Neutral position utilization technique 4th (4 times in total)

FREERUN November issueIn the special feature "Things given by sessions with riders", in addition to the crosstalk between Yoshitaka Ota and Takafumi Konishi, we introduced the basics of "neutral position" that they advocate.Here, we will deliver the step-up version of how-to in a series of four times using sequence photos.
Special Thanks: Seki Onsen, Niigata
Photo: yoshitoyanagida.net

The 4th theme: Gap strategy
Lecturer Rider: Yoshitaka Ota

Secret: When flying down hit points, it is important to always keep the neutral position regardless of approach, air or landing.If you don't keep riding in a good position on the board, you will lose the sense of stability.Let's introduce it with a photo.

To the point aiming for takeoff while keeping the neutral position
Prepare for takeoff while accumulating the power of OLAP on the hind legs
While pulling up the upper body, kick the snow surface with the hind legs and go into the air.It is strictly forbidden to stretch your body!
If you pull up the board and make your body compact, you will feel more stable!
Perfect if you can be in a neutral position even in the air
You can go to the tail to the tree because you can afford it in the air.
If there is a snow surface under the sole, it is exactly the same as the position in the neutral position
Let's check the landing point while keeping a compact posture
Gradually adjust the body axis and board according to the landing burn
Gradually start stretching so that the whole body can absorb the impact at the time of landing
Be careful not to stretch your hips and knees even if you stretch your body.
Your body is directly above the board so that you can take a neutral position immediately after landing!
Use your knees instead of cushions to absorb the impact of your landing
Immediately after withstanding the impact of landing, be in the neutral position!
Let's find a point to play next while stepping on the board with the main hind legs

"When you fly at these points, you have to keep the neutral position all the time to stabilize. The image is like sliding on a wave? If you look at the picture I'm in the air, the snow surface under the sole If there is, it should be like slipping on a wave. Especially when heading for landing, it will be difficult if the upper body turns sideways instead of the direction of travel. Also, when setting an ollie, etc. There are some cuts that make your body look like it's stretched out before landing, but it's not really stretched out. Attention. At this time, I wanted to put the tail on a tree shaped like a bow, so I decided to take it with as much force as necessary. Anyway, it is always in a neutral position. This is the basic! "--- Yoshitaka Ota

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The how-to article ⇩ of Neutral Position [Basic] is published in the November issue of FREERUN, which is currently on sale.Information on the latest issue Click here for more information.

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