[Magazine-linked project] Neutral position utilization technique 1th (4 times in total)

FREERUN November issueIn the special feature "Things given by sessions with riders", in addition to the crosstalk between Yoshitaka Ota and Takafumi Konishi, we introduced the basics of "neutral position" that they advocate.Here, we will deliver the step-up version of how-to in a series of four times using sequence photos.
Special Thanks: Seki Onsen, Niigata
Photo: yoshitoyanagida.net

1st Theme: Carving Turn
Lecturer Rider: Takafumi Konishi

Secret: If you want to draw a smooth carving turn with a beautiful snow-packed burn, keep the neutral position and be aware of the edge operation of the forefoot.In other words, the trick is to use the ankles of the forefoot while stepping on the board with the main hindfoot (always stepping on except at the moment of switching edges).Let's introduce it with a photo.

Keep neutral position (weight ratio is about 3 forefoot and 7 hindfoot)
While stepping on the board with the hind legs main, corner with the heel edge of the front legs
Gradually weight the heel sides of both feet while balancing with the upper body
Turn your upper body (not only your chest, but your waist up!) In the direction of travel.
Get on the heel side firmly with the weight ratio of the neutral position
Check the point to switch the edge
OK if you feel the acceleration in the second half of the turn
Gradually reduce the weight on the edge, but keep stepping on the board
Step on the board with the main hind legs just before switching edges
Return the board to flat without moving up and down.Keep the board depressed!
While stepping on the board with the hind legs main, corner with the toe edge of the front legs
Gradually get into the toe edge of both feet
The point is not to tilt the axis of the body more than tilting the board
Let's stand on the toe side of both feet and endure G
Be aware of the neutral position while feeling G
Let's check the switching point of the next edge
No need to force the board in the direction of travel
Continue to step on the board with the main hind legs without pulling out even just before switching edges

"The trick is to use your front legs to corner the edges while stepping on the board with your hind legs in the neutral position. With a clean burn, you can get on your front legs, but basically you can use your hind legs to get on the board. It's OK to stay on the board. It's a good idea to be careful not to knead the board strangely or to overload and pull out. If you learn the edge operation with the forefoot, you can make a turn kick from an early stage, so the quality of the turn I feel like I'm stepping on the board all the time, and I'm slipping with G on it. I try not to move up and down at all, but when I stand up strangely, there are various things. It slows down the reaction to things, so I'm always conscious of the neutral position. "—— Takafumi Konishi

Next time (next week), I will introduce "How to slide on rough terrain (mogul barn)" by Yoshitaka Ota.

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