[Breaking News] Yuji Usui wins the Snowboard Technical Championship!

SP rider Yuji Usui won the Technical FS Men's/FS General Men's at the 31st JSBA All Japan Snowboard Technical Championship Kanto Tournament, earning him a ticket to the "2st All Japan Snowboard Technical Championship" starting February 22nd. I put it in. Usui, who runs a school at Daikura Ski Resort located in Minamiaizu, Fukushima Prefecture, is a full-fledged active rider who continues to challenge himself in competitions, even though he takes hard lessons during the season.

``I took on this tournament after not being able to place in the previous All Japan tournament and not being seeded, but I was determined to start over from scratch,'' he said. I also wanted to express my gratitude to Katashina Village in Gunma, which has taken care of me. He also talked to me.

Also, looking ahead to the All Japan tournament, he said, ``I want this to be a tournament where I face myself.'' I want to skate carefully, one by one, while remembering the faces and words of everyone who has helped me so far. I'm excited. '' he said with enthusiasm.

[Profile] Yuji Usui/Born December 1979, 12 ■Height/10cm ■Stance/Regular 175cm ■Angle/56 degrees front, 24 degrees back ■Snowboarding experience/3 years ■Home mountain/Aizu Kogen Daikura Ski Resort ■Used Item/Binding:sLAB.ONE boots:EIGHT BOA LF ■Instagram/ussyyuji