[Application deadline approaches! 】First in the industry! ! Rantry tournament “TAOTECH x Yunosuke Sugaya Sponsored RTB 2024”

First in the industry! ! “RTB 2024 sponsored by TAOTECH x Yunosuke Sugaya” will be held! This tournament is the first attempt from the rantry world led by Yunosuke Sugaya, and is attracting a lot of attention. A direct interview with Sugaya himself about information that is of interest to contestants and spectators, from tournament information to judge points. This tournament, which is enjoyable not only for the participants but also for the spectators, is attracting the attention of many people.

Q1: I heard that you will be hosting a Rantoori tournament in Hakuba! ! First of all, please tell me the details. Sugaya:“TAOTECH × Yunosuke Sugaya Sponsored by RTB 2024” ・Date: Sunday, February 2024, 2 ・Location: Hakuba Sanosaka Ski Resort, Carving Slope, North side of No. 11 pair lift, Running distance: 6m Click here for details Q2: When did this tournament start? Sugaya:This will be held for the first time this year. Q3: What made you start it? Sugaya:Rantry style has been gaining popularity in recent years, and there were many people who came to see my video for the first time, so I planned this event in the hope that it would encourage interaction between riders and users and further develop rantry style. Q4: What kind of things will you compete in at the tournament? Could you secretly tell us about your appeal to jazz? lol Sugaya:Basically, this is a competition to compete in runtry technique, but we evaluate not only the difficulty and completeness of the trick, but also whether there is any slippage or deceleration before or after the trick. In particular, I pay close attention to the speed and smoothness of the transition between tricks and turns. I'm going to give points to tricks that have enough room to smoothly enter the next turn and that don't miss a beat. Q5: Does that mean Mr. Sugaya will be a judge this time? Sugaya:I will be the main judge this time. Please take a close look at the previous points and my skating and join us lol
Q6: Oh! I'm lucky to be able to ask the main judge about additional points~ lol What kind of person would you like to participate? Sugaya:Not only runtlers, but also gladtlers and technical people are welcome to join us. We also have awards for best trick and best carving! Beginners are also welcome! Beginner class has a small number of entries, so this is the place to go! Q: You have until 5 days to enter! ! If you hurry, there's still time, so please let me know how to enter! ! Sugaya:Fill it out here and you're done! All you have to do is come visit us!https://sgfm.jp/f/0a8754f218ff629f69f5d2f8d37c64f8 Q8: I won't be participating in the tournament, but I'd like to see it! Is there also a gallery zone? Sugaya:The area around the tournament will be open for viewing, so please come and support us♪ Q9: Please give a message to those who are unsure about entering the tournament and share your enthusiasm for the tournament! ! Sugaya:This will be the industry's first runtry competition. Please grab something here and use it as fuel for your future snowboarding life. The organizers and all the participants are looking forward to preparing the event for everyone to enjoy.
[Profile] Yunosuke Sugaya / Born October 1994, 10 ■ Height / 30 cm ■ Stance / Goofy 160 cm ■ Angle / 51 degrees front, 27 degrees back ■ Snowboarding experience / 18 years ■ Home mountain / Kandatsu Snow Resort ■ Items used / Boots: head:EIGHTBOA Binding: SP SLAB. PURE  SLAB.ONE-CORE ■Instagram/yuhnosuke_sugaya/