[24-25 New Model] From cruising to freestyle tricks! The super lightweight board that conquers everything: "ANYTHING LYT" / "EVERYTHING LYT"

The "ANYTHING LYT" and "EVERYTHING LYT" feature a sophisticated design and are innovative snowboards that use a hexagonal core on the nose and tail. This unique structure combines incredible lightness with excellent maneuverability, allowing you to enjoy any riding style, including ground tricks, park cruising, and free runs, with ease. The unisex "ANYTHING LYT" and the ladies' "EVERYTHING LYT" are all-mountain boards that meet the needs of each rider and allow you to easily handle any riding style.

"EVERYTHING LYT" The graphics stand out in the park! The cute sole attracts girls.





Flexible and highly maneuverable, yet with excellent edge hold and maneuverability.

⚫︎ Torsional Waist Hybrid camber boards are extremely flexible in terms of torsional bending, providing maneuverability and stability even when riding at low speeds. Multi-Side Curve By adding multiple side cuts to the outline, it is possible to secure the ideal effective edge according to the speed and riding style. Supports a wide range of riding, from powerful long turns at high speed to tight turns. Additional contact points The four contact points, a longer backside edge than toeside, combined with the multi-sidecut, give the board excellent carving performance, while providing grip and control on hard, icy runs, ensuring the board's reliability in all conditions.
⚫︎ Hybrid camber DCT 2.0 structure A flat section is placed between the two cambers = double camber. This flat effect makes the board easier to twist. In addition, the heel side edge is longer than the toe side, and an asymmetrical shape is adopted. It provides stability for difficult heel side turns. A versatile board for all riding styles The Hybrid Camber DCT2.0 is a versatile board that automatically adapts to any riding style, including slopestyle, performance and powerful carving turns.


    • Asymmetrical design of toe side and heel side: Realizes flexible flex and torsion



    • Long heel edge and shallow side curveSupports stability and makes difficult heelside turns and tricks easier



    • Suitable for all riding stylesSuitable for a wide range of rider levels, from beginners to advanced riders


    "ANYTHING LYT" and "EVERYTHING LYT" are versatile boards with various features such as maneuverability due to flexible torsion and flat sections, a lightweight feel due to the hexagonal core, an asymmetrical design with DCT2.0, and stability due to the long heel edge and shallow side curve. They are suitable for a wide range of riders from beginners to advanced riders, and can be enjoyed in a variety of styles from ground tricks to park riding.

    This is a recommended board for those who want to expand the possibilities of snowboarding and are looking for a board that combines fun and stability.