[24-25 NEW model] Big mountain and high speed! “MOUNTAIN” with absolute control

Overwhelming power transmission and response allow you to ride just the way you want

MOUNTAIN is extremely popular among big mountain and high speed riders. The heel cup is made of aluminum, which is also used in aircraft, and provides excellent response and power transmission. The structure transmits strong power directly to the board, allowing you to ride exactly how you want. This high-end model brings together SP's technology and is recommended for intermediate to advanced riders.

⚫︎ Designed without a heel cup, offering a high degree of freedom in style and stable operability. The design without a heel cup expands the range of motion from the nose to the tail, making it easy to create a style, and allows for stable use in any situation. ⚫︎ Aluminum heel cup used in aircraft The heel cup is made of high-strength aluminum, the same material used in aircraft construction, which makes it extremely durable and lightweight, reducing fatigue even during long rides and allowing you to enjoy snowboarding for a long time.
⚫︎ Unique design of SP Bindings provides direct power transfer and sense of unity

The sandwich between the toe cup and high back unique to SP Bindings creates a sense of unity with the binding and transmits power directly to the board. This design creates a sense of unity around the suspension, allowing you to enjoy a unique sense of hold.

Multi-entry system makes it easy to put on and take off

By simply tilting down the highback, you can instantly put on your snowboard. You can get the best runs faster than anyone else. Furthermore, MOUNTAIN is equipped with a rear entry system, so you can attach and detach the straps with a ratchet just like a normal binding, with the highback in the upright position, so you can use it even if you can't put on your snowboard while standing.
⚫︎ ONE-TIME ADJUSTMENT One-touch adjustment: Complete setup once and always get the same fit

``MOUNTAIN'' SP Bindings have high response and powerful power transmission performance, and instantly reflect the rider's intentions on the board to achieve precise control. Designed for harsh backcountry environments, it ensures stability and performance in deep snow and steep slopes, supporting flexible riding. The response-enhancing structure provides quick reactions and precise maneuverability, making it the perfect choice for riders serious about big mountains and backcountry riding. It also exhibits excellent edge control even when riding at high speeds or under hard pack, and combines high response and powerful power transmission to deliver the best performance in all riding conditions. With its high-quality materials and sophisticated design, it can withstand long-term use and is sure to exceed riders' expectations.