[24-25 continuous model] Ultimate all-mountain solution NX TEAM

Ultimate freedom to conquer the snowy mountains “NX TEAM”

NX TEAM is the ultimate all-mountain solution developed with an expert team of riders. Equipped with the revolutionary "Flexmaster 3000" highback technology, flex can be adjusted instantly without tools. This is an innovative binding for intermediate and advanced users that allows you to seamlessly conquer all types of terrain, from powder to compacted snow slopes to parks, with just one binding. NX TEAM, loved by Japan representative Rina Yoshiie


An innovative binding that conquers all situations with one unit.

Flexmaster 3000 ⚫︎ Flexmaster 3000 brings a new revolution to bindings.Highback flex can be adjusted by sliding the knob on the back. ■ SOFT / Soft setting that realizes a sense of surfing and free movement! ■ MEDIUM/Medium setting for dynamic riding! ■ STIFF / Power transmission and serious board control with responsive flex!

DAMPFLEX ⚫︎Dampiflex has excellent power transmission and shock absorption, and because it is a flexible material, it allows for natural bending without interfering with board flex, providing reliable response and comfort.

AUTO OPEN TOTAL ⚫︎ From the base plate, the ankle strap, toe strap, and ladder belt are designed to open wide outward.It enables quick detachment in any condition.

Among head bindings, the one and only model "NX TEAM" is equipped with "Flexmaster 3000". This technology allows you to instantly change the high back flex to three levels: hard flex, medium flex, and soft flex by moving the high back adjuster up or down without using any tools. In addition, it enables accurate power transmission and direct response, making it perfect for everything from mellow surf rides to parks with hard items like those skated by Olympic athletes.

Rider impression

The binding is a very important gear as it provides both information from the snow surface and my power transmission.When I go around the world tour, I have to fly kickers with different sizes and hardness every time, and this NX TEAM is what I can rely on at that time.Of course, being able to change the highback flex is great, but fundamentally, this binding has a very sophisticated structure and material, and listens to my selfishness.

The base plate is equipped with DAMPIFLEX, a shock absorber made of EVA. It is designed to support the board's natural bending and at the same time reduce vibration. By absorbing and reducing vibrations to the feet, it is possible to minimize any impact or strain on the feet, knees, and entire body. For riders who want to enjoy snowboarding for long periods of time, there is nothing more comfortable than this. In addition, DAMPIFLEX's 5mm thickness enables powerful edging that applies pressure to the board from a high fulcrum. It also reduces resistance when turning and prevents drag, allowing for smoother gliding. The ``auto-open strap function'' allows stress-free and instant attachment and detachment, the base pad with silicone inlay strengthens the grip with boots, and the NX TEAM binding is perfect no matter what function you look at. It will be the best choice for riders who pursue the best skiing! !