[24-25 continuous model] “CORE Multientry” aims to break through the limits of performance

"CORE Multientry" reigns as the standard model of SP Bindings. Equipped with a multi-entry function, you can enjoy snowboarding all around. It has just the right amount of flex and is easy to handle even at low speeds, and is suitable for a wide range of riders from beginners to advanced riders, and is designed to be adaptable to a variety of snowy mountain conditions and riding. Additionally, the ankle strap has been updated to an ``Ultra Light Ankle Strap,'' further improving flexibility and fitting response. This is a device that delivers performance that exceeds user expectations in terms of speed of attachment/detachment, functionality, and durability.


Advanced ankle strap and lightweight baseplate provide smooth riding and direct power transfer.

Comfortable hold while reducing strain on feet

The ankle strap has been updated to the ``Ultra Light Ankle Strap,'' which has further improved flexibility and fitting response. It provides a firm hold while reducing the burden on the feet, providing direct power transmission and control.

Lightweight base plate allows you to feel the snow surface conditions with the soles of your feet, improving response.

The lightweight feel of the extremely thin aluminum base plate makes it easy to handle and allows you to feel the snow surface conditions with the soles of your feet. The toe and heel response has been further improved.

Designed without a heel cup, offering a high degree of freedom in style and stable operability.

The design without a heel cup expands the range of motion from the nose to the tail, making it easy to create styles, and allows for stable use in any situation.

Multi-entry system makes it easy to put on and take off

By folding down the high back and taking it off, you can instantly put on the snowboard. You can get the best burn faster than anyone else. Furthermore, the CORE Multientry is also equipped with a rear entry system, and the straps can be attached and removed using a ratchet like a regular binding while the highback is in the upright position, so it can be used even when it is not possible to put on the board while standing.

Unique design of SP Bindings provides direct power transfer and sense of unity

The sandwich between the toe cup and high back unique to SP Bindings creates a sense of unity with the binding and transmits power directly to the board. This design creates a sense of unity around the suspension, allowing you to enjoy a unique sense of hold.

CORE Multientry is suitable for all types of riding, from carving to park and ground tricks. It is an all-round model that can be comfortably used by riders of a wide range of levels, from beginners to advanced riders. The high-quality materials and elaborate design make it durable enough to withstand long-term use. With this one unit, you can handle any situation and get the most out of the fun of snowboarding. If you're looking for a reliable binding for next season, CORE Multientry is the perfect choice.