[23-24 New model] "SLAB.PURE" that enables original riding style

New release "SLAB.PURE".
As the name suggests, the ultra ankle strap is adopted for the ankle strap based on SLAB.ONE.
The flexible range of motion is recommended for users who value ankle movement.
SLAB.PURE can be enjoyed even at middle speed compared to SLAB.ONE, which is mainly for high speed.
It's the perfect model for enjoying freeriding and freestyle on the undulations of natural terrain.



ー ー ー ー ー ー ー Interview with Yunosuke Sugaya SLAB.PURE ー ー ー ー ー ー ー

QXNUMX: Mr. Sugaya, I heard that you were testing with different straps before the release of PURE. What kind of things did you do?
A Sugaya: The Ultra Light was originally installed on the CORE, but we felt that its lightweight and flexible fit performance could be used effectively for SLAB.ONE as well. SP is compatible with all parts, so I replaced SLAB.ONE's ankle strap with Ultra Light and tested it.If you replace only one part without changing the conditions and use it, the performance of that one part will be noticeable and you will deepen your understanding of the gear, so it is recommended.

QXNUMX: Where is the appeal of SLAB.PURE?
A Sugaya: The new ultra-light ankle strap makes it very comfortable to wear.The tight fit of the boot and the high response from the same base as the SLAB.ONE allows you to perform your desired movements without fail.

QXNUMX: What kind of riding are you good at?
A Sugaya: The new ultra-light ankle strap allows for flexible movement, so it's suitable for people who want to actively move and create their own skating.I feel that it can be used for both carving and grouting.

Yunosuke Sugaya / Born October 1994, 10
■ Height/160cm ■ Stance/Goofy 51cm
■ Angle: 27 degrees in front, 18 degrees in back
■Snowboard history/26 years 
■ Home Mountain / Kandatsu Snow Resort
■ Items used/
Boots: head: EIGHTBOA

"SLAB.PURE" has appeared as a new option for SLAB.ONE that allows you to enjoy all terrain at a high level.
In addition to the functions introduced so far, it is possible to replace the top, bottom, left and right of the ankle strap.Being able to arrange the flex balance to your liking certainly expands the range of riding while having fun.
Pursue a new riding style with "SLAB.PURE" that can be selected according to the riding category and situation.