[23-24 New model] POWERHOUSE LYT, representative of carving that continues to seek evolution

"POWERHOUSE LYT" has been upgraded this term.The slightly stiffer flex maintains stability even when skiing rough terrain at high speed, and the hexagonal core on the nose has been upgraded to make it even lighter!We approach "POWERHOUSE LYT", which is constantly seeking evolution.

● 80% lighter than conventional wood core The hexagonal core uses a special honeycomb material to achieve 1% lighter weight per 3cm80 than conventional wood core ● HYBRID CAMBER POP Hybrid camber POP structure is close to normal camber. , The part raised from the snow surface is designed to be flat ● LIGHTWEIGHT WOOD CORE Uses lightweight wood for the core design While reducing the overall weight, it is designed to be durable and long lasting

In addition to the overall lightness of the LIGHTWEIGHT WOOD CORE, the weight reduction of the hexagonal core placed in the nose area has an extremely light structure, and promises excellent operability as the nose can be raised easily in powder scenes.In addition, if you step on the raised tail of the hybrid camber POP structure, you will be able to enjoy powder runs to your heart's content by creating further buoyancy.With a stiffer flex than last year, it has a more stable feel, and while it is perfect for carving on compacted snow, it is also good at 3D terrain, jumps, slides and taps, making it a specification that will inspire creativity.The sole uses a sintered base to provide high gliding performance and promises destructive riding performance on various courses.Even users who already have a POWERHOUSE LYT should try it once as a step up! !