[22-23 New model] To further step up. "ANYTHING LYT" "EVERYTHING LYT" 

Step up from basic riding,
I want to enjoy grand tricks and turns.
I would like to recommend it to such a person
Unisex model "ANYTHING LYT",
Ladies' model "EVERYTHING LYT".
Outstanding lightweight and humorous operability
It supports the playfulness of snowboarding endlessly.






Narrow waist

Due to the narrow waist, the head hybrid camber board is very flexible in twisting.
Even if you move it slowly, the operability is high, so it is playful and very interesting.
A central flat section combined with a camber under the binding gives the user maneuverability and stability when speeding up.


Landing position

The asymmetrical shape of the DCT 2.0 has been optimized to increase power transfer between the rider and the board, taking into account the binding mounting angle, allowing for more control.

Playful tricks

This slender waist adds twisting flexibility and enjoys a playful feel, especially at low speeds.With a thin waist, flat tricks delicate board control can never be easier.

Powerful carving

Despite the playful character at low speeds, the DCT 2.0 supports safe operation at high speeds. Four additional snow contact points combine a long backside edge with an effective edge and multiple size cuts to provide the best carving performance.


The hexagonal cores on both ends create an exceptionally lightweight feel that makes tricks and turns lightly entertaining.
In addition, the heel side edge is long and the side curve is designed to be shallow to support stability.It facilitates heel side turns, which are considered difficult, and makes it easier to perform tricks using the heel side.
The head's original shape DCT 2.0 has an asymmetrical design of the toe side and heel side, and has a shape that gently draws out flex and torsion.

From basic riding to board tricks!
If you are aiming for the Next stage, this is the one you should definitely pick up!