[22-23 continuous model] Draw the line you want with a mellow turn DRAW LYT 2022.10.17

As a cruiser board from the 21-22 season
Newly released continuous modelDRAW LYT.
I want to look back and confirm
A model that is characterized by being able to draw a "big and mellow turn".




Recommended for those looking for a unique powder board!

DRAW LYT, with its impressive swallowtail and long nose shape,
It can handle everything from cruising on the slopes to icy slopes and slopes that are likely to bottom out.
It is a board recommended for intermediate and above players who can enjoy various scenes with solid edging.
The softness from the nose to the back foot makes it easy to use torsion and allows you to enjoy comfortable turns as you wish.

A hexagonal core is used in the nose area to reduce weight and improve buoyancy and operability.Take advantage of the board's flex and torsion to control the board and draw lines freely.
If you want to go one step further, this is the board for you.